What can cause dry skin

The problem of dry skin affects as much as 50% of the world's population, making it the most common dermatological disorder1,2. However, not everyone experiences it for the same reason, as many factors may lead to the occurrence of dry skin. Read on to find out the main risk factors for dry skin.

The most frequent causes of dry skin:

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– the risk of dry skin increases with age, especially in people over 403.

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Soaps, shampoos and detergents
– be careful what products you buy. Their main function is to remove oil, but one of their side effects could be dehydration.

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– especially fat-free diets may increase the risk of developing dry skin by leading to a deficiency of essential fatty acids, important for proper skin moisture4.

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– high blood sugar is a known risk factor for dry skin5.

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– the air humidity is lower in the fall and winter months, which makes it easier for dry skin to occur at that time. Additionally, low temperature negatively affects sebaceous glands, which may cause your skin to dry out.

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UV rays
– they may cause, among others, DNA impairment, skin barrier impairment and dehydration6.

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– during menopause, a woman’s skin gets thinner, which leads to dehydration7.

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– nicotine has shown to impair overall blood flow by causing narrowing of blood vessels. This effect may lead to dry skin, along with other health issues8.

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Dry skin can be treated

It is worth noting that while we may control some risk factors – such as bad habits, diet or the cosmetics we use – we can’t eliminate all of the possible causes. Fortunately, even when dry skin occurs, it is possible to treat it.

The new Bepanthen-Derma Skin Care Range offers a unique combination of key ingredients that tackle dry skin on every level, including Dexpanthenol, which address the root cause of dryness, the disturbed skin regeneration process. By utilising the inside-out approach, Bepanthen® Derma products offer immediate relief and lasting moisturization for healthier skin inside-out.


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